4.5mm BB Pistol Combo


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 4.5mm BB Pistol ComboKWC M40 Co2 Pistol (4.5mm – KM-48DHN – Metal Slide – NBB – Black)DESCRIPTION The KWC Model 48 CO2 Pistol (48DHN) is a semi-automatic gun featuring a die-cast metal top slide, firing at approximately 390 FPS with 4.5mm steel BB’s. Powered by 12g CO2 canisters it is a robust pistol constructed from ABS and metal.One CO2 cartridge can power the pistol for approximately 50 shots before running out. The fixed slide design allows BB’s to be fired at maximum velocity through preventing power lost through the blowback action, increasing the pistol’s power efficiency. Mag Capacity: 18 Rds (4.5 mm Steel BB’s)This Kit Contains The Following Items:1x KM48DHN bb pistol 4.5mm1x 48DHN  SPARE MAGAZINE 1X  5000 STEEL BBS10X 12GR CO21X CLIP ON HOLSTER  Check out our other KWC products   BrandKWC12GRAM CO2 CARTRIDGE 16117 ReviewsThere are no reviews yet.Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.