6mm Airsoft Pistol & Kati Combo


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January 6mm Airsoft Pistol & Kati ComboSB199 – 10K BB JAR (BRIGHT YELLOW) + BONUS COLT25 (DUAL) 18091Premium grade airsoft BBs with ultra-grade tolerance for increased accuracy. Polished finish increases speed up to 10%. Includes a bonus Colt .25 Clear Spring Pistol. Package of 10,000 BBs. Caliber: 6mm. Weight: .12 Gr.This Special contains the following items: 1x 18091 BB’S JAR/PISTOL https://bntonline.co.za/product/sb199-10k-bb-jar-bright-yellow-bonus-colt25-dual/ 1x GXG YELLOW SHOOTING GLASSES https://bntonline.co.za/product/gxg-lightweight-shooting-glasses-yellow/?v=68caa8201064 1x 63402 TARGET https://bntonline.co.za/product/63402-airsoft-target/ 1x 8071 KATI https://bntonline.co.za/product/mk-t5-slingshot/?v=68caa8201064 100x RUBBER BALLS https://bntonline.co.za/product/rubber-balls-68cal/Check out our other Palco products