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AIRGUN WALTHER LGU VARMINT CAL 4.5MM .177 23 JOULES 604.00.50AIRGUN WALTHER LGU VARMINT CAL  is a customized elegance Fans of mechanical systems want their spring-operated air rifle to be powerful, but also at the same time slim and elegant. The cocking mechanism has to be put somewhere, however. In the Walther LGU the cocking lever sits under the barrel, where it is inconspicuous but effective. In fact, this technology permits telescopic sights of almost any length to be mounted. Moreover, the beech stock has a raised cheekpiece for shooting with a telescopic sight, and a ventilated rubber butt plate provides extra shoulder protection. The LGU features a rotary piston, Super Silent Technology and also a Vibration Reduction System. It can be cocked with hardly any friction and fires so smoothly that each shot can be checked through the sight.• under lever construction with rotary piston • proven LGV technology also with  Super Silent Technology and Vibration Reduction System Fixed barrel guarantees high and constant precision high level of safety by means of automatic piston safety XM trigger – adjustable first stage travel and trigger weight • sturdy, ergonomic thumbhole stock made of polymer (Scope not included)Caliber4,5 mm (.177) PelletEnergy23 JouleTriggerXT-trigger: adjustable trigger travelLength1070 mmWeight4400 gSpecial feature(s)Vibration Reduction System, Super Silent Technology Walther guns have always been innovative and state of the art for their own specifications. In fact every product in Walter, is as considered as a milestone in their development history.Walther designed its first model in 1908, 6.35 mm semiautomatic . Walther started to sold in 1911. Also, the same thing is astonishing and true for many other sports rifles and pistols that came under the banner of Walter.    Checkout Our Other Walther Products!manufacturer website. BrandWalther ReviewsThere are no reviews yet.Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.