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AIRSOFT READY TO PLAY KITThis Sportline model, the Franchi SAS 12 3-burst, together with its little brother (Ref. 16261) is as real as it gets in Airsoft. The shotgun uses the realistic 30 BB shells and fires 3 rounds with each shot, adding to the realism of a ‘real steel’ shotgun. The shells can be stored on the stock in the supplied cartridge stock-holster. Furthermore, it weighs over 2 kilos and with more than 1 meter in length and metal barrel this will impress most peopleSpecificationsLength:1040mm/41,6inchBarrel length:300mm/12,0inchMag. Capacity:30 roundsStandard Mag.:15920Hop Up Type: FixedVelocity:75ms/246fpsWeight:2100gr/4,7lbEnergy:0,6 JouleDescription BLE-XFG All-purpose Pistol Newly Developed GBB Pistol by ICS. As its predecessor, it’s designed to be ambidextrous, with a new design of engraving and texture, and luminous aiming sights. It’ll provide you a brand new shooting experience.THIS KIT CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING ITEMS:1X ASG 16061 SHOTGUN1X ICS BLE-005-SH PISTOL1X 1 1LITRE GREEN GAS1X BAG TIPPMANN .25G 4000CT  6MM BBS1X M&P 712830 BBS 5000CT 6MM1X HOLSTER INSIDE&OUTSIDE1X CVSCB217B SHOTGUN SCABBARD1X CARD TRAP FLAT1X 100 PACK CARD TARGET1X GXG YELLOW SHOOTING GLASSES Check out our other ASG Products!  Manufacturer website.