Airsoft Rifle+Airsoft Pistol 6mm Combo


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Airsoft Rifle+Airsoft Pistol 6mm Combo1:1 scale with authentic stock and mock silencer design. (Mock silencer; does not silence the gun.) Fires a heavier bullet, .2g BBs. Comes with a mock silencer which quickly snaps on and off. Buttstock has metal extension bars to add weight and balance and can be extended or retracted by a simple push of the latch. The magazine releases just like the original and has a funnel loader for up to 200 .2g 6mm airsoft pellets. Remarkable details of color finish and features.Muzzle velocity: 260 fps w/ .2g BBs Effective range: ~100 feet Hop-Up: Fixed Weight: 3 lbs Length: 24-30 Inches Operation: Spring (must be cocked for every shot) Caliber 6mm Max Velocity-260 fpsThis Kit Contains The Following Items:1x UA-3121x S&W MP40 airsoft pistol 3234010x 12G CO2 TIPPMANN 0.20 3000 BB’S GXG YELLOW SHOOTING GLASSES CARD TRAP FLAT 100pk CARD TARGETS Check out our other UHC products