Artemis SR1250 5.5mm Camo Air Rifle Combo


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Artemis SR1250 5.5mm Camo Air Rifle ComboPOWER SOURCE: Ordinary Spring /Gas Spring FIRE MODE: Manual& Single Shot AIR CAPABILITY: 4-8.5lbf SAFETY: AUTO@ DOUBLE SAFETY CALIBE: 5.5MM VELOCITy: 5.5:900FPS COCKING FORCE: 35lbf LIFE: Over 5000 times.This combo includes the following items: 1x artemis Sr1250 camo 5.5mm air rifle 1x wadcutter 5.5mm pellets 1x pointed 5.5mm pellets 1x hollow point 5.5mm pellets 1x round 5.5mm pellets 1x general 5.5mm pellets  Check out our other Artemis products!  Manufacturer website BrandArtemisSPA WADCUTTER PELLETS 5.5MM ReviewsThere are no reviews yet.Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.