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Bb Pistol Cz-P09 ComboBb Pistol Cz-P09 Combo has CZ P-09 is a full-size tactical pistol with an integrated rail for mounting light and/or laser. Manufactured under license from CZ this airgun is designed from the original specs resulting in a realistic look and handling. Its blowback function makes the metal slide move with every shot fired, creating strong recoil, adding to the shooting experience. The CZ P-09 features a rifled inner barrel allowing the use of pellets, this improves range and precision. Add to this a 3-dot sight system that gives the operator a quick and easy target acquisition. Every pistol comes with its own unique serial number and authentic CZ markings.FeaturesAmbidextrous 2-step safety w. De-cockingBlowbackDetailed replica3-Dot sightsTactical rail2×8 CapacityRifled barrelUses Diabolo pelletsCO2 poweredAverage muzzle velocity 110m/s – 360fps.Use round BB’s or flat head pellets ONLY.SpecificationsLength:205mm/8,2inchBarrel length:94mm/3,8inchMag. Capacity:16 roundsStandard Mag.:17538Hop Up Type:NoneVelocity:Up to 150ms/492fpsWeight:702gr/1,6lbEnergy:Max 3,7 JouleThis combo includes the following items: 1x CZ P09 17537 pistol5x 12GRM CO21x 250 GAMO PRO MATCH PELLETS300X DAISYS1X APRLS LASER WITH BATTERIES1X RUIKE P128-SB Check out our other ASG Products!  Manufacturer website.  BrandASGASG CZ P09 PELLET GUN 4.5MM 1753712GRAM CO2 CARTRIDGE 16117 ReviewsThere are no reviews yet.Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.