FX Dreamline Lite Compact 5.5mm


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FX Dreamline Lite Compact 5.5mmDESCRIPTION The FX Dreamline Lite Compact is part of the modular FX Dreamline concept in which FX put all her technology and adjustment possibilities into one strong base that can be customized to your every wish. Of course, FX has put together some basic models of which this FX Dreamline Lite Compact is one. Size is key with this airgun. Compared to the standard FX Dreamline Lite, both barrel and cylinder are shortened, making for a very compact airgun.The beauty of the FX Dreamline concept is the fact the best of FX is used, such as the Smooth Twist X barrel with an interchangeable liner that has the rifling pressed in from the outside over the full length of the barrel. It gives you the possibility to easily change barrel length, twist and even caliber. In the case of the latter, you also need to change the pellet probe. The barrel has a ½ UNF thread for fitting a moderator.The FX Dreamline Lite Compact with side lever has an adjustable match trigger and both transfer port as hammer spring has an adjustment wheel. The airgun has two manometers, one for cylinder pressure and the other for regulator pressure. The AMP (Adjustable Match Precision) regulator is externally adjustable. Check out our other FX products  BrandFx ReviewsThere are no reviews yet.Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.