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FX IMPACT  EXP BLACK AIR RIFLE 5.5MMThe Impact from FX has spent many years in development which has lead to a PCP rifle which is very high tech and provides superb accuracy and a massive shot count in a refined and easy to use package.This rifle is very lightweight which is thanks to the aluminium construction, and this also makes the entire rifle very rigid and strong which is essential when being used in a fast paced hunting or target shooting situation. The stock incorporates several weaver rails throughout to mounts accessories such as bipods and torches/lasers, and the rear butt pad is height adjustable for a comfortable shooting experience.The action of the rifle includes an 18 shot multishot magazine, which is activated by the side lever action which is located in the centre of the rifle, just above the trigger, which is where the safety is located making everything within easy reach.The match trigger system has a clean and crisp let off as it doesn’t depend on rods and linkages as other Bullpups do, meaning each shot is predictable and accurate. The regulator is also externally adjustable which requires two pressure gauges so you know exactly how much air you have left, as well as how much pressure each shot will be fired with. Scope and mounts not included. Cocking system – Forward positioned sidelever Magazine Capacity – 18 Fill Pressure – 250 bar (3600 psi) Maximum Power – 12 ft/lbs | 16J Stock – AR15 Style grip Overall Length – 760mm / 920mm with extracted shroud Barrel Length – 500mm Weight – 3.2 kg  BrandFx ReviewsThere are no reviews yet.Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.