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GAMO CFX AIR RIFLE (PELLET) 5.5MMA high-powered, precision airgun, with a fixed barrel. The fixed-barrel system provides greater accuracy, and the power of this airgun allows one to shoot with great accuracy at targets over 40 metres away. The airgun comes with a synthetic, hunting-style butt, but it is commonly used for target-practice. Incorporates the SWA (SHOCK WAVE ABSORBER), a new nock exclusive to GAMO, which thanks to its 3 removable parts can dampen the recoil by 74% compared with a standard nock, and the TRUGLO system, a revolutionary fibre optic gun sight which produces the brightest fibre optics providing a bright and dependable sight picture in any light.SPECIFICATIONSPower: 20 JLength: 116 cm (45,67 in)Weight: 3,0 kg (6,6 lb)Velocity: cal. 5,5 mm  246 m/s (807 fps)Energy Source: Spring PistonAction: Under Lever ArmClick here to view other GAMO rifles!!! BrandGamo ReviewsThere are no reviews yet.Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.