G&G Perfect 0.20g Match Grade BB


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G&G Perfect 0.20g Match Grade BBGuay Guay Trading Co. Ltd. (G&G ARMAMENT) was founded in Taipei, Taiwan in the year 1986. From the start of this company, G&G are the dealers of Airsoft guns, military/law enforcement equipment for military enthusiasts and also for airsoft. In 2001, company decides to launch their brand with the name of G&G ARMAMENT. As, they have immense knowledge in this field so make their way out to design the products effectively.G&G is always striving to make high quality products regarding airsoft. They cyber net their all designs that allows their products to be stable and also precise. Moreover, G&G airsoft engineers are continuously researching new techniques and procedures to bring innovations in their designs and materials to provide best quality products to their customer. In fact, their products are made with computer assisted design tools to ensure high precision which in turn makes their customers happy and content with the product. G&G values their customers, all their products are made in Taiwan. DESCRIPTION G&G Perfect 0.20g Match Grade BB, all have a size of 5.95 +/- 0.01mm Suitable for all Airsoft Gun – AEG, Pistol, Rifle….etc that use 6mm BB Perfect sphere shape & smooth surface Made of high strength/tough materialsGood BB means less drift by wind & shoot straighter Quality of BB is important for prolonging the life of your Airsoft Gun *NEVER RE-USE BB as High Quality BB is very sensitive to dirty & mudSKU G-07-096Item Weight (gram) 500Major Color White  Check Out Our Other G&G products!  Manufacturer Website.