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GLOCK LICENSED G17 GEN.3 AIRSOFT TRAINING PISTOL 340501Description: Trusted by Law Enforcement and Military agencies all over the world, GLOCK pistols have set the global standard for sidearms and service pistols. Designed under the control of GLOCK, Spartan has developed a training pistol for the Law Enforcement and Military communities that provides a realistic, reliable and affordable training analog for force on force training exercises. Whereas other non-lethal training analogs can cost up to .75 cents per round, the common 6mm projectile used by the Spartan LEO/MIL GLOCK G17 costs less than a penny per pound and is 100% safe for use. Powered by either the common 12g CO2 cartridge or Airsoft Green Gas (a proprietary blend of propane and silicone), the Spartan GLOCK G17 is a safe, cost-effective and realistic training tool that is a must-have for any Law Enforcement Agency or Military organization. This training GLOCK is currently on duty in the French gendarmerie and French police. Check out our other Blades and Triggers products