HFC HA-112BL Spring Plastic Airsoft Pistol HK UPS


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HFC HA-112BL Spring Plastic Airsoft Pistol HK UPSManufaturer: HFC Caliber: 6 mm Magazine capacity: 16 Total length: 195 mm Energy: 0,5 J Weight: 463 g Color: blackMade of plastic by a Taiwanese company HFC a replica of German compact pistol P8.Pistol is made of a high-quality composite that is reminiscent of the polymer used in the original. Slide is made of plastic with a smooth texture that imitates oxidized steel.The surface with a significant texturing gives a sure grip. The inner barrel and parts of the internal mechanisms were made of metal. For dynamic aiming there are a white dot painted on front sight.After pulling the slide you can see the piston, the loading mechanism and the upper part of the magazine. Before each shot it’s necessary to pull the slide to the rear position. When the magazine is empty the slide stays in the rear position. Check out our other HFC products!  Manufacturer website.