HFC HG-192B-C Airsoft Metal Green Gas Pistol Black-Beretta


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HFC HG-192B-C Airsoft Metal Green Gas Pistol Black-BerettaDescription An airsoft replica by HFC powered by Green Gas. This is a full-metal (made mainly of metal) gas pistol replica. Polymer parts include only the grip panels, similarly to the live firearm original.Full Auto version offers the possibility of firing in fully-automatic mode, which provides a significant advantage on the airsoft battlefield.The pistol features a double-sided, winged safety that is comfortable to operate with a thumb. The replica features a realistic Blow-Back system that pulls the slide back after each shot, similarly to the way a live firearm behaves when fired. After the last BB has been fired from the magazine, the slide remains in the rear position. The replica has an adjustable Hop-Up.Under the barrel, there is a 22 mm RIS / Picatinny mounting rail, which enables the attachment of a variety of accessories to the replica, such as tactical flashlights or laser sights, etc.The set comes with a Green Gas metal magazine with a capacity of up to 24 BBs  Check out our other HFC products!  Manufacturer website.