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ICS-202 M1 GARAND 6MMDescription As a part of the history and almost 70 years past, people still remember the image that en clips lay down in foxhole, the noise of “Ping” sound, and the smell of 30-06 rounds. All these combined with courage, honor and discipline had created stories to share. All of these stories build up a role model to follow. From WWII, Korea to Vietnam, The war has changed, but the spirits are never fade away. A Legend that ICS shouldn’t miss, The M1 Garand.Additional Information Gun Length 1100mm Barrel Length 610mm Weight 3600g Muzzle velocity(350-400 FPS) ? Battery type 9.6V Ni-Mh or 11.1V Li-Po Connector size Small connector Mag. Capacity 42 Motor Axle Short Spring M120 Material: Metal& Wood Check out our other Ics products