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JSB-546207-500 DIABLO JUMBO EXACT RSJSB has been giving the European market one of the premium air gun pellet on the market. Our Old world methods provide assurance of the same quality pellets that have been produced in the Czech Republic for many past years. In fact, JSB has been the leader and producers of remarkable quality in USA as well. When it comes to air gun ammunition, JSB is the first and foremost name that comes to a person mind.They offer a vast range of multiple calibers products for both pistols and air guns. If you are searching for quality pellets for air pistol or air guns, JSB is the best option available. We have been using very innovative technology in making pellets that makes them truly state of the art pellets.Each year JSB try to improve their ammunition quality by investing into the improvement of machine technology. They pays very much attention to improve their services each year. The company exports to European and Russian market but also to the Japan and USA.Description of JSB-546207-500 DIABLO JUMBO EXACT RS The lightest round nose JSB pellet, a super calibre, designed for precise shooting. RS means ‘Rapid Speed’, the ultra-fast speed of this pellet is much higher than regular shot, yet delivering consistent flight stabilization for excellent accuracy along with flat trajectory and brutal efficiency. A powerful and versatile hunting pellet, also suitable for long distance precision shooting. The Exact series of pellets are distinguished by high quality control – hand-picked, precision workmanship, specially designed weights and shapes, with perfect distribution of centre of gravity and alignment.Ammunition Type Pellets Pellet Diameter 5.5mm Overall Weight 13.43 g Pellet Shape Round Head Quantity 500 pieces Check Out Our Other JSB Products!    Manufacturer Website.  BrandJSB ReviewsThere are no reviews yet.Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.