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JT Outkast Paintball ComboThe JT Outkast Ready To Play Kit has everything you need to get out and play. This kit is designed for players of all skill levels and features a Mil-Sim feel. This paintball marker can operate on CO2 or High-Pressure Air. Kit Includes: .68 caliber semi-auto paintball marker Aluminum construction for durability Built-in foregrip for shooting stability Works with CO2 or Compressed AirThis Combo Includes the following Items: 1x JT Outkast kit 1x Box 1 star 2000 1x gxg neck guard 1x pod vest 4x 100ROUND PODS 100X nylon ballsCheck out our other JT products BrandJTGI SPORTZ 1-STAR RECREATIONAL PAINTBALLS 68CALBALLISTIC SELF DEFENCE SOLID BALLS 100 PACK ReviewsThere are no reviews yet.Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.