Novritsch 0.40g x 555pcs Sniper BIO BBs


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Novritsch 0.40g x 555pcs Sniper BIO BBsBBs are the most underrated factor when it comes to accuracy. No matter how perfect your airsoft gun is, it will always be limited by the tolerances and the weight of the BBs used.Since I started airsoft sniping 11 years ago, I haven’t found a white heavy sniper BB that fit my requirements.That’s why I decided to create my own sniper BBs. Together with a BB manufacturer, we worked hard to find the perfect balance in terms of material, polishing grade, color, and weight. The NOVRITSCH BBs are the result of this endeavor.It took me several months of testing to get the BBs to the point where I can say: Those are the best sniper BBs I’ve ever shot.After the release, it took me one year to get all the documents and certificates to prove that my BBs are officially BIO and decompose over time.BIO Certificate: The Novritsch Sniper Bio BBs are 100% biodegradable. It took me an entire year to get the certificate. Now there is no doubt – the Novritsch Sniper Bio BBs will decompose over time in a natural environment.Color: Pure white. No compromise. The whitest white possible.You will always be able to follow the trajectory of your BBs in your crosshairs.Practical: The Novritsch Sniper BBs come in an aluminum bottle, which has a perfectly sized opening for speedloaders.The rubber seal inside the cap will protect your BBs from getting dirty or moist.Weight Recommendation: 0,30g for 300-450 fps (0,8 – 1,9 Joules) 0,36g for 400-500 fps (1,5 – 2,3 Joules) 0,40g for 450-550 fps (1,9 – 2,8 Joules) 0,46g for 500-700 fps (2,3 – 4,5 Joules) 0,49g for 500-700 fps (2,3 – 4,5 Joules)Quality Control: Before the BBs get packaged and shipped they have to pass five steps of quality control. Four individual machines check the diameter of every single BB. Then a sample is taken from each batch and checked manually for diameter, weight, color, and air bubbles to make sure that every NOVRITSCH Sniper Bio BB meets my requirements. Check out our other Novritsch products