Silver 10 Person Paintball Field Setup Jt Outkast Combo


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Silver 10 Person Paintball Field Setup JT Outkast ComboJT OUTKAST  KIT Black Ready to Play KitThe JT Outkast Ready To Play Kit has everything you need to get out and play. This kit is designed for players of all skill levels and features a Mil-Sim feel. This paintball marker can operate on CO2 or High-Pressure Air. Kit Includes: .68 caliber semi-auto paintball marker Aluminum construction for durability Built-in foregrip for shooting stability Works with CO2 or Compressed AirKit Includes:10xJT Outkast10x Paintball Goggle1090gram CO2 Tank with Adaptor10x 200 Count Hopper10x 50 Paintballs10x Paintball Barrel Cleaners10 x Tool And o’rings10x Barrel Plug10x 9oz Co2 Cylinder1x Co2 Fill StationCheck out our other JT products