SPA CP1 PELLET PISTOL 5.5MM Pellet pistol


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SPA CP1 PELLET PISTOL 5.5MM Pellet pistolShaoxing Snow Peak Air Gun Company was established in 1976. Spa is expert in manufacturing and designing air guns for civilian uses. The company is located in the Yangtze River Delta, near the port of Shanghai. The main aim of the company is to perform and flourish as leader in the world of shooting equipment manufacturer.Currently, Snow Peak Company has several patents and 10 series of products with more than 30 innovative designs of air guns. As Snow peak is a famous air gun manufacturing company, it has a mature OEM with precise and sturdy designing, it is keenly also involves in the exchange of experience and expertise with internationally acclaimed gun designers and producers. In fact, Spa has a strong and advanced quality control system too for testing equipment.  Description of  SPA CP1 PELLET PISTOL 5.5MM Pellet pistol uses 12g CO2 cartridge. Easy to load bolt action, single shot.Adjustable trigger & rear sight.SpecificationItem: CP1Calibre : 5.5 mmVelocity: 3-8 JouleOverall Length: 390mmMagazine: NoStock: WoodenA pellet is a non-spherical projectile design to fire from an air gun. Air gun pellets differ from bullets and shot used in firearms because of the pressures encountered: airguns operate at pressures as low as 50 atmospheres while firearms operate at thousands of atmospheres. Airguns generally use a slightly undersized projectile that is design to obturate upon shooting so as to seal the bore, and engage the rifling firearms have sufficient pressure to force a slightly oversized bullet to fit the bore in order to form a tight seal. Since pellets may be shot through a smoothbore barrel, they are often designed to be inherently stable, much like the Foster slugs used in smoothbore shotguns.This special contains the following items: 1x CP1 5.5mm 5x 12G 1x hollow point 200ct PELLETS  Check out our other Spa products   Manufacturer Website.  BrandSPA12GRAM CO2 CARTRIDGE 16117 ReviewsThere are no reviews yet.Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.