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SPYDER FENIX PAINTBALL MARKER – LESS LETHAL COMBOSpyder Fenix electronic paintball marker features a lightweight, compact design for improved handling and agility for all levels of play. The Fenix comes standard equipped with the New “LEAP” Circuit Board, featuring a Break Beam Eye “Anti-Chop System” for increased reliability and performance. The efficient power technology allows a maximum number of shots with the use of a 9 Volt Premium Alkaline battery. The Fenix features “SE Technology” and a Fast Charge Inline Regulator insuring the marker performs at a consistent velocity at an impressive 500 psi even when using CO2 as an air source. The included rear facing “Color Access Mode Display” (CAMD) makes it easy to view the operating status. A 3-Way adjustable magnetic response “Saber” Trigger gives a smooth and natural shooting feel, allowing for optimum rates of fire.PERFORMANCE FEATURES – Air Efficient Eko™ Valve System shoots up to 1,600 shots from a 20oz CO2 Tank – 25 BPS Rate of Fire – 3 Modes of Operation (Semi-Auto, Ramp P & Ramp M) – Operates on a 9 Volt Alkaline Battery (2000 – 2500 Shots) – Anti-Chop Eye System Functional in All Modes – Operates on CO2 or Compressed AirThis Combo Includes The Following Items: 1x Spyder Fenix Paintball Marker 1xStandard Hopper, 1x 9oz Co2 Bottle, 100x Solid Nylon Balls, 10x Self Defense Balls, 500x Paintballs.  Check Out Our Other Spyder Products!   Manufacturer website.  BrandSpyderGXG 200 ROUND HOPPER BLACKPAINTBALL BALLISTIC CO2 9OZ BOTTLEBALLISTIC SELF DEFENCE SOLID BALLS 100 PACKBALLISTIC SELF DEFENSE PEPPER BALLS (10)GI SPORTZ 1 STAR PER BAG 500 ReviewsThere are no reviews yet.Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.