Steyr 4.5mm Bb Pistol Target Combo


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Steyr 4.5mm Bb Pistol Target ComboSteyr 4.5mm Bb Pistol Target ComboSemi-automatic airgun version of the latest Steyr Mannlicher pistol – the M9-A1. All black with authentic markings. One of the hardest shooting airguns. The ergonomic grip has been designed in a 111-degree angle to improve ergonomics. Rear fiber-optic sight and waiver accessory rail makes this pistol very comfortable and with the opportunity to mount laser and flashlight. The 19 BB’s are stored in the drop-out magazine and the 12g CO2 cartridge is placed in the easyload grip and is easily changed.Features:Accessory rail.Illuminated rear sight.Ergonomic grip design.SpecificationsLength:187mm/7,5inchBarrel length:120mm/4,8inchMag. Capacity:19 roundsStandard Mag.:16089 Hop-Up Type: NoneVelocity:137ms/449fpsWeight:532gr/1,2lbEnergy:3,3 JouleThis Combo Includes The Following Items:1x 16088 STEYR5x 12GRM CO21x 1500 SILVER DAISY1x FULL-SIZE HOLSTER1x CARD TRAP FLAT100x CARD TARGETS1x BALLISTIC KEY CHAIN PEPPER SPRAYCheck out our other ASG Products!  Manufacturer website.  BrandASGASG 16088 STEYR M9-A1 AIRGUN 4.5MM12GRAM CO2 CARTRIDGE 161171500 STEEL BBS 4.5MM SILVERBALLISTIC INSIDE FULL SIZE HOLSTER – BLACKSPA CARD TARGETS (100PK) ReviewsThere are no reviews yet.Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.