STI® Lawman 6mm 14770


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STI® Lawman 6mm 14770DescriptionNon-Blownback PistolAn all-black version of the STI® Lawman – same functions and features as the chrome version (Ref. 14769).STI® International has taken the traditional 1911 and made a modern make-over of this classic pistol. The licensed STI® Lawman is a semi-automatic gas powered pistol with fixed Hop-up and the stick magazine takes 14 BB’s. The rear sight is adjustable and the gas is stored separately in the pistol grip. The slide has a chrome finishSpecificationLength:200mm/8,0inchBarrel Length:120mm/4,8inchMag. Capacity:14 RoundsStandard mag:14872Hop up type:FixedVelocity:78ms/250fpsWeight:400gr/0,9lbEnergy:0,6 jouleCheck out our other Asg products