Umarex 2.6337-1 Elite Force Racegun cal. 6 mm BB


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2.6337-1 Elite Force Racegun cal. 6 mm BBShooting according to the regulations of the International Practical Shooting Confederation is regarded as the supreme discipline of shooting sports. In terms of features and technology, the weapons used differ significantly from the standard weapons.The RaceGun model has such features as Compensator, Extended Controls, and Jet Funnel. The blowback effect and the all-metal construction of this weapon give a realistic overall impression. The luminous dot aiming device Competition II including assembly is included in the set, a Slide Racker sits in the recess instead of the rear sight. This useful utensil is used with mounted optics loading the weapon.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS caliber 6 mm BB Magazine/drum capacity 16 shots length 265 mm mass 1300 g bullet velocity 475  fps energy level 2 joules Check out our other Umarex products