Umarex 2252604 Gauntlet 5.5mm Air Rifle


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Umarex 2252604 Gauntlet 5.5mm Air Rifle Umarex founded in 1972, is one of the world largest producer of over-the-counter firearm replicas. Based in Arnsberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Umarex is also a biggest importer of air gun in Europe. This small startup company has now 1000 employees worldwide approximately. In fact, the acquisition of license by German Government to build and sell duplicates of famous weapons worldwide is the key to company’s success. In fact, Umarex has licenses for many top brands like Beretta, Browning, Heckler & Koch, Ruger Smith & Wesson and IWI etc.Indeed Umarex grows rapidly throughout its history. The management skills of Umarex are Beyond expectations as management is dynamic and also modern that capable to act quickly in a decision making. Umarex also offers a large number of training for employees so they should get to know the use of modern technology and latest products. Description of Umarex 2252604 Gauntlet 5.5mm Air RifleThe Umarex Gauntlet provides a huge number of consistent, powerful shots from one fill of its high capacity 13-cu. in. regulated tank. The built-in regulator delivers minimal FPS variation from shot-to-shot for long, flat shot strings  into outstanding accuracy for hunting. Field Target competition and just-for-fun plinking. Use Multi-Shot PCP. One mag is supplied with the Gauntlet and additional magazines are available as accessories. Check out our other Umarex products   Manufacturer website BrandUmarex ReviewsThere are no reviews yet.Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.