Umarex Airsoft Gun GLOCK 17 Gen4 cal. 6 mm BB 2.6415


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Umarex Airsoft Gun GLOCK 17 Gen4 cal. 6 mm BB 2.6415Technical data Caliber 6 mm BB Magazine capacity 25 shot(s) Energy < 1,0 Joule(s) Length 202 mm Weight 663 gDescription Accessories Media The original GLOCK 17 Gen4 enjoys an excellent reputation with armies. Its non-slip grip makes it a reliable service weapon even in rain. In addition, the backstrap is interchangeable so that the grip can be customized for hands of any size. This licensed replica has all of these features, and the resemblance is increased by the heavy metal slide and blowback for a powerful recoil. The GLOCK 17 Gen4 is also easily taken apart for inspection. With its muzzle energy of up to 1 joule and adjustable shoot-up it fires 6-mm pellets accurately over long distances.Check out our other Umarex products